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PROTECH is polish, experienced and trusted company providing the highest quality of products by: laser cutting, press bending, welding, powder and paint painting, machining and assembly service of outsourced components. We focus on professionalism in every aspect of operation.

Our employees are specialists in their fields. Starting at production workers, through the office staff, in the management team ending. We all make every effort  for PROTECH branded products and level of service to meet the highest requirements  of our customers.

Modern machinery, high-quality boilers’ components, TÜV certified welders, multi-control processes and know-how developed to the highest standards guarantees that PROTECH brand products are reliable and serve the users of boilers for many years.

Offered services provided by PROTECH include laser cutting, press bending, welding, painting sheets (liquid and powder), turning and assembly service outsourced components. But constantly developing our range of new services, in response to market demand. We work on modern machines, which on the one hand, guarantee the highest precision operation, the other up to shorten the waiting time for the finished product.

For more than twenty years - from the beginning of the company - our motto is development. We are constantly looking for new solutions in order to offer the highest quality products at the best price for customers. Therefore, in late 2013, we opened a new, automated production plant with area of over 8500 m2. It enables even greater products precision and guarantees the reliability and durability of our products.
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