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As a provider of services in the field of sheet metal processing, we are aware that  customer expects the highest quality at competitive prices. Therefore, for all PROTECH customers - current and future - we offer free calculations as well as a number of additional activities such as support of the technical design and the qualitative tests. We proces sheet metal on modern devices in order to provide precise process all of our services and fast delivery of contracted work.

Laser cutting
- 5 laser machines
- latest generation devices from the well-known manufacturer – german TRUMPF recognized by its high quality
- possibility to cut details with max dimensions 4000x2000 mm 
- possibility of cutting steel up to #25 mm, stainless steel #20 mm and aluminum #12 mm
- fast delivery, 24 hours a day, 6 days a week 

Press  bending:
- 9 CNC hydraulic press
- Fast delivery, trained staff
- possibility of bending parts up to 4000 mm lenght
- both serial production in large quantity and individual, difficult orders
- CNC rolling mill for rolling elements up to 2000 mm lenght

- qualified welders certified by TÜV
- automatic welding robot allows repeatable and precise welding
- 30 welding stations equipped with semi-automatic Lorch with a full range of programs Speed ​​Pulse, Twin Pulse, Speed ​​Up, Speed ​​Cold, Speed ​​ARC
- experience in welding steel and stainless steel
- large parts, constructions welding up to 5 tons 

 Powder and liquid painting 
- modern powder coating unit able to paint details up to 350 kg
- detail preparation through the use of ecological zirconium phosphating
- painting large series of elements
- elements with greater dimensions can be painted in cabin-dryer in liquid painting booth

- Band saws for cutting tubes and bars
- CNC lathes with wide range of tools
- CNC milling machine 

- 1,500 m2 of production area
- qualified assemblers with the required certificates including electrical
- wide range of installed components
- fast, on-time delivery
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