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Why Protech?

Years of experience
For over 20 years we provide the highest quality services as a subcontractor, continuously expanding its scope by another field. Gained experience and excellent knowledge of technology represent our professionalism and significant position in the market for sheet metal processing. For many years, we work with our customers to achieve the desired quality parts.

Modern machinery
To ensure better, more efficient and reliable product than proposed by the competition, at the end of 2013 we opened a new production with complex machinery. It includes the latest generation equipment to ensure precise sheet metal working process.

High quality customer service
Each order is treated with great care. We focus on a clear understanding of customers’ needs in order to propose solutions in a quality that will surprise them. A dedicated technologist is assigned to every customer. Employee always - regardless of work progres - provides information, communicates stages, it is almost a representative of the customer in our company.

Fast delivery
Modern equipment together with production department working 24 hours a day, 6-day a week, guarantee very fast delivery of contracted work. Our customers have complete freedom in choosing the appropriate time of day to receive their order or we are able to organize transport of ordered products/components. 

On customer terms
As an experienced service provider with stable position on the market, we are aware that the satisfaction of the customer is the most important. Therefore, we set the terms of cooperation individually. Through this practice, we have helped many customers in developing their business. This has brought mutual benefits for an even more dynamic growth in sales and business.
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