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Norway Grants

Scope of the project includes the following activities:
1. Implementation of new green products to the offer – this action includes conducting R&D works , aimed at raising class of boilers in accordance with the norm PN EN 303-5:2012.
2. Implementation of new, more environmentally-friendly production technologies, for the production of new heating equipment, which is a new fiber laser cutter,
3. Implementation of new, more environmentally friendly technologies in the operation of the company, which includes: recuperation system for the recovery and reuse of process heat and photovoltaic system designed to power part of production equipment (fiber laser cutter, painting technological line).

3.quarter 2015 – 1.quarter 2017

The approved budżet includes the following costs in the relevant state aid categories:
Investmetns – eligible costs: plant and machinery, consultancy and personell costs – rate of grant – 37 %
Aid for environmental protection – eligible costs: equipment – rate of grant – 40 %
1.     September 2015 - Contractor selection procedure is in progress for R&D works in the project.

2. October 2015 – the inquiry procedure were conducted for the selection of contractors for the first 3 research tasks foreseen in the project. Institute of Chemical Processing of Coal in Zabrze was chosen as a research contractor. The most economically advantageous offer have been selected.

3. November 2015 - On 24.11.2015 a monitoring visit form Innovation Norway took place. The company Protech had the pleasure to host representatives from Innovation Norway, and present the company to them. The subject of the presentation were both the company and its facilities with machinery, as well as the progress of the project.

4. December 2015 – the first 4 R & D tasks were completed (one of them was company’s own task). The fifth R & D task is underway on: Creating 3D virtual boiler models for design documentation. Institute of Chemical Processing of Coal in Zabrze was chosen as a research contractor. The most economically advantageous offer have been selected.
5. April 2016 - we are pleased to announce that on 27.04.2016 PROTECH received additional funds for the implementation of environmental tasks. The company will use these funds to carry out the task of modernizing the powder paint system. This will result in increased use of raw materials and reduction of energy waste and CO2 emissions.
6. May – 2016 - in May 2016, we have started the realization of the task no. 5. The first step is to install a photovoltaic system. The task started on 25.05.2016 with the choice of the contractor. Estimated completion time - August 2016
7. May 2016 - on 31.05.2016, PROTECH task 3, which was the purchase of a laser cutting device, was completed. An innovative and ecological fiber laser has been introduced into the production process to achieve the set environmental goals.

8. June 2016 - on June 07, 2016 PROTECH completed the research and development works within the project - task no. 3 - research, development and innovation. Individual research tasks were carried out by the following units:
- research and development tasks no. 1, 2, 3, 5, 10 - Institute of Chemical Processing of Coal in Zabrze
- research and development tasks no. 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11 - own task - procurement procedures were not necessary.
- research and development task no. 12 - Institute of Power Engineering - Research Institute of Energy Equipment Research (coal boilers), Strojirensky Zkušební Ustav S.P. (pellet boilers) The result of the research is construction and operation of a new type of boiler class V, both for pellets and for coal.
9. July 2016 - research and development works have been completed by the receipt of certificates from accredited units, confirming compliance with the requirements of the standards for V class boilers.

10. August 2016 - the Activity no. 5 was completed: Purchase of photovoltaic system.  Photovoltaic panels of 20 kW were installed on the roof of the production building. The monitoring process of energy-saving from photovoltaic panels has begun.

11. September 2016 - the purchase of the recuperation system has been completed. The installation was purchased and installed. Energy savings from the recuperation system started and are being monitored.

12. October 2016 - the task planned with the additionally granted funds, i.e. the modernization of the powder painting system, is underway. The contractor has been selected with the inquiry procedure. The company Koral Lakiernictwo S.C. Andrzej Korus, Barbara Korus has been chosen.
13. November 2016 -  the last task in the project was completed. The modernization of the powder painting system was completed on 03.11.2016. New technological solutions will help to achieve positive ecological effects, as well as will improve work conditions for operators.

14. All indicators regarding environmentally friendly technologies are being monitored.
Grzegorz Krupnik, CEO
mail: grzegorz.krupnik@protech-wkg.pl
telephone number 48 33 875 51 87
mobil 48 505 014 376
fax 48 33 875 52 84
Supported by a grant from Norway through the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014, in the frame of Green Industry Innovation Programme Poland.
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